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Meet Joanne Neville,

Experienced Interior Designer & Art Consultant in West Cork.

Joanne Neville is Indigo West's design director. She is trained in interior architecture and design. She also studied classical realism in fine arts in Canada. She has spent the past 18 years building up her skills as a designer working with other designers, architects and bespoke companies where she has gained invaluable knowledge and expertise of the design industry both in Ireland and abroad.

About Indigo West

Situated in the heart of West Cork, Indigo West Interiors serve West Cork and County, including the wider Munster area.

We provide a full suite of design services including; space planning, furniture, and lighting layout plans, plumbing and electrical drawings, bespoke design drawings, and full 3D design and consultancy.

Here at ''Indigo West'' we take our clients on a design journey to develop interiors that reflect their personality and enrich the architecture of the space. All our interiors are created to provide emotional comfort and enhance the lifestyle. 

We offer honest and constructive advice to clients throughout the design process. 

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